Error 1003, 1026 or 7 when Deploying a XNET Database in VeriStand

Updated Dec 9, 2022

Reported In


  • VeriStand



Issue Details

When I try to deploy my VeriStand Project, VeriStand gives Error 1003, 1026, or 7 the shown below image and says:

The specified Device Driver VI was not found at the following path:



This occurs when the target system has been modified outside of VeriStand. This can occur if the XNET folder is modified or deleted from the target. VeriStand performs a check to see if any changes have been made to the deployable files on the development computer and only republishes the files when a change has been made. 

The same behaviour is encountered also when the target is not a real-time controller, but the development machine running VeriStand (e.g.: the VeriStand development machine is connected to a local cDAQ containing XNET interfaces and the user deploys the VeriStand System Definition File locally in order to interact with such interfaces): If the user undeploys the System Definition File, reboots the machine and tries to deploy again the SDF on the same target could encounter the error messages signaled above.

Additional Information

If the target is a real-time controller, to redeploy your project, open the system definition file and modify a setting, ex. the PCL rate. You can reverse the change right away and then save your system definition. Now you should be able to redeploy your project. 

When dealing with the situation reported above for Windows targets, instead, editing the SDF parameters and trying to redeploy might not work. Instead, you can fix the problem with the following steps
  • Disable the XNET interfaces of the SDF
  • Deploy the SDF without the XNET interfaces
  • Undeploy the SDF, enable the XNET interfaces and deploy the SDF back