Deploying Switch Executive Configuration to Target Systems

Updated Oct 18, 2022



  • Switch Executive
  • Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)


  • NI-DAQmx

I have an application that uses NI Switch Executive which I would like to deploy to a target system.  How can I deploy my NI Switch Executive configuration to this system?

There are four important items that must be in place to successfully deploy a NI Switch Executive configuration to a target machine. These items include a licensed copy of NI Switch Executive, an IVI driver, an IVI configuration file, and a NI Switch Executive configuration file:

1. A Deployment or Development License for NI Switch Executive.
You can deploy your NI Switch Executive configuration on multiple computers, each of which will require either a development or a deployment license.

A development license allows for full programmatic access and configuration support of Switch Executive. A deployment license gives you full programmatic access to Switch Executive (allowing you to import Switch Executive virtual device configurations), but Switch Executive virtual devices will be nonconfigurable and read-only.

2. An installed IVI instrument driver for your switch modules.
This will be the NI-Switch driver in most cases.

3. An IVI configuration
To quickly export the IVI configuration, you can copy the IVI configuration file from your deployment computer to the target computer.
IVI Compliance Package VersionConfiguration FileFile Location
1.xIVI.iniVXIPNP\WINNT[WIN95]\ni ivi
2.0-3.1IVIConfigurationStore.xmlProgram Files\IVI\Data
3.2 or HigherIVIConfigurationStore.xmlDocuments and Settings\All Users\Application
Data\IVI foundation\IVI

4. An NI Switch Executive configuration
The Exporting Configurations chapter of the NI Switch Executive Help describes how to export a NI Switch Executive configuration to an XML file, and the Importing a Virtual Device chapter describes how to import a NI Switch Executive configuration in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX). Once the NI Switch Executive configuration file is copied to a target machine, you will need to create a new Virtual Device and point to the configuration file. 

See the latest NI Switch Executive Help file for more specific information on system deployment.

At this time, it is not possible to programmatically export either configuration from a development computer to a target computer.

Additional Information

If the NI Switch Executive virtual device you are deploying uses DAQmx switches, you will need to export the DAQmx configuration file