Why Do I Receive Error -200245 with My X Series Card?

Updated Jun 12, 2019

Reported In


  • PCIe-6323

Issue Details

When I attempt to run my NI-DAQmx code for my X Series card, I receive the following error:

Error -200245 occurred at DAQmx Start Task.vi:

Possible reason(s):

PLL could not phase-lock to the external reference clock.

Make sure your reference clock is connected and that it is within the jitter and voltage specifications. Also, make sure the reference clock rate is correctly specified.

How can I resolve this error?


Error -200245 indicates that the Phase Lock Loop (PLL) timing circuitry that is responsible external reference clock synchronization was unable to phase-lock to the signal. This clock can either come from an external PFI line, a RTSI line or from the PXI backplane. The PLL is a key component in using Reference Clock Synchronization or Channel Expansion to synchronize multiple X Series cards. Troubleshooting this issue will depend on whether you are using an external reference clock signal, channel expansion, or signals from the PXIe backplane.

Using an external reference clock
  • Signal generation: The reference clock signal should be active before starting any DAQmx task that will attempt to use the reference clock. Ensure that your reference clock source is generating the clock prior to DAQmx Start Task being called.
  • Signal connection: Ensure the signal is connected to the correct terminal
  • Signal integrity: Check the duty cycle. The signal should be as close to a 50% duty cycle as possible

Using Channel Expansion or PXIe Backplane
  • Ensure the PXIe chassis is properly identified in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)
  • Ensure the signal routing is valid using the Device Routes tab in MAX
  • Ensure that the RTSI cables are not damaged
  • If you are using an NI PXIe-6363 or PXIe-6361, contact National Instruments Support and reference this Knowledge article.