Can't See Plots in DIAdem VIEW

Updated Jan 7, 2019

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  • DIAdem 2015 Base

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I can't see some of my plots in a DIAdem VIEW 2D Axis System because the values of my channels aren't very similar.

Ex. At the cursor location, one channel is at 5210.48 RPM and another channel is at 40.62 m/s.

What options do I have for showing plots of different magnitudes on the same 2D Axis System?


You can change the way a 2D Axis System displays multiple plots by using the Y-axis settings for the display area.
  1. Change the Y-Axis system to Y-axis [%]. This shows both plots as a ratio of 0-100 from the channel minimum to the channel maximum. A value halfway between the two would be 50%.
  1. Change the Y-Axis system to n Systems [Linear]. This splits the display area into two plots, so that each has its own axis system. This allows you to separate the plots, but still use a cursor to compare values between the two plots.

  1. Change the Y-Axis system to n Y-axes[Linear]. This adds a Y-axis for each plot. The plots should look very similar to Y-Axis [%], but plots from the raw values of the channel rather than a ratio of minimum to maximum. Below, the two axis range from 0-53 m/s and 800-6060 RPM rather than a general 0-100%.

    Additional Information

    To add an additional Y-Axis in DIAdem REPORT, see How Do I Create a Second Y-Axis in DIAdem?


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