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Updated Jan 25, 2018

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What is an .ncd file and what information does it store?


An .ncd file is an NI-CAN Database file and it stores configuration information about CAN messages (aka CAN frames) and CAN channels. Each message contains one or more channels and these channels have a number of different properties. An .ncd file stores the message names, channel names, and channel properties.

Figure 1: CAN database information in NI-MAX

Figure 2: CAN Message Configuration

Figure 3: CAN Channel Configuration

Additional Information

Note to FP-1300 Users: An .ncd file only stores information about CAN messages and channels. An .ncd file cannot be used to configure an FP-1300. An FP-1300's configuration information is stored on the FP-1300 and is loaded onto the computer when the FP-1300 Configuration Utility is launched. An .ncd file is only part of the FP-1300's configuration and does not contain all the information required to configure an FP-1300.


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