Error -1074384604 at XNET Create Session VI in LabVIEW

Updated Jan 19, 2018

Reported In


  • NI-9860


  • LabVIEW Full



Issue Details

Using the XNET module (NI-9860) with a chassis cDAQ-9171 and a LIN cable, we are trying to communicate with an automotive customer product.
During the communication I received this message:


The LIN Frame ID consists of a 6 bit message between 0 and 63.

The LIN bus is a polled bus with a single master device and one or more slave devices. The master device contains both a master task and a slave task. Each slave device contains only a slave task. Communication over the LIN bus is controlled entirely by the master task in the master device. The basic unit of transfer on the LIN bus is the frame, which is divided into a header and a response. The header is always transmitted by the master node and consists of three distinct fields: the break, synchronization (sync), and identifier (ID). The response, which is transmitted by a slave task and can reside in either the master node or a slave node, consists of a data payload and a checksum. 
The ID field is the final field transmitted by the master task in the header. This field provides identification for each message on the network and ultimately determines which nodes in the network receive or respond to each transmission. All slave tasks continually listen for ID fields, verify their parities, and determine if they are publishers or subscribers for this particular identifier. The LIN bus provides a total of 64 IDs. IDs 0 to 59 are used for signal-carrying (data) frames, 60 and 61 are used to carry diagnostic data, 62 is reserved for user-defined extensions, and 63 is reserved for future protocol enhancements. The ID is transmitted over the bus as one protected ID byte, with the lower six bits containing the raw ID and the upper two bits containing the parity.


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