Why do my DIAdem 9.1 Scripts Not Work in DIAdem 10?

Updated Jan 26, 2018

Reported In


  • DIAdem 9.1 Professional
  • DIAdem 9.1 Base
  • DIAdem 9.1 Advanced
  • DIAdem 10.0 Base
  • DIAdem 10.0 Advanced
  • DIAdem 10.0 Professional

Issue Details

I have created a script that works great in DIAdem 9.1, but when I upgrade to DIAdem 10 or newer, my scripts do not work. How can I get them to work?


Generally, this is seen with waveform data.  DIAdem 9.1 did not handle the waveform data type. This is a new feature introduced in DIAdem 10.  When you have written a script that is tailored to handle waveform channels (i.e. breaks the waveform channel into a time channel and data) then DIAdem 10 may not be able to handle it properly. There is a setting in DIAdem 10 and newer, that will make it act like DIAdem 9.1. This is a compatibility setting that you can change in the folliwing way.
  1. Bring up DIAdem the settings via Settings » Options » General.
  2. Then click on the Compatibility button.
  3. In the Version dropdown select 9.1. Click the Apply button. Click OK on on any dialogs that may popup.
Now your version of DIAdem will act like DIAdem 9.1.  You can also apply this solution if you were previously using version 9.0 and want to force your new version to act like DIAdem 9.0.


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