Archived:PCI Digitizer Does Not Have a Fan

Updated Dec 20, 2018

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Reported In


  • PCI-5114
  • PCI-5122
  • PCI-5142

Issue Details

  • I recently purchased a PCI digitizer and it doesn't have an onboard fan
  • There is a space on my PCI digitizer where it looks like there should be a fan


If you have just purchased a brand new digitizer or potentially received yours back from a repair, your board may no longer have a fan.  The PCI-5114, PCI-5122 and PCI-5142 modules will no longer ship with a fan.  

National Instruments has determined that a typical PC will provide sufficient cooling for these modules, and the onboard fan is not necessary.  By removing this mechanical component, this engineering change will actually offer an improvement in long-term reliability.

Additional Information

​This change will have no negative impact on the performance of your device and there is no reason for concern.  It is still important to ensure your system provides optimal cooling to prolong the life of the components within.  Please refer to the Maintain Forced-Air Cooling Guide to verify that you are following the recommended techniques to optimize cooling.


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