Saving an Array of Pixel Data as an Image without NI Vision

Updated Jan 19, 2023

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  • Vision Development Module
  • LabVIEW Full

Issue Details

I have an array of pixel data that I would like to convert to the Image data type to display it on my Front Panel and/or save it to a JPEG, PNG, or BMP file. 

Is there a way to do this if I do not have the IMAQ ArraytoImage or IMAQ ArraytoColorImage VIs which are only available with the NI Vision Development Module?


Although there is not a way to convert the array of pixel data back to the Image data type that is used by the IMAQ VIs and the Image Display control, there is a work around that will allow you to convert the data into a Pixmap. 

The Pixmap data can then be used with the Picture Control to display the image or save to file with the VIs found under Programming»Graphics & Sound»Graphics Formats on the Functions Palette.

VIs on Functions Palette

Additional Information

An example demonstrating this process can be found on the Developer Zone Community at the link below.
Note: Some VIs used in these examples are not available in the Base Package of LabVIEW.