How Can I Use a Tab Control In My SUD Dialog in DIAdem?

Updated Mar 21, 2018

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  • DIAdem Base
  • DIAdem Advanced
  • DIAdem Professional

Issue Details

I want to use a tab control in my SUD dialog but I cannot find it in the controls palette. How do I find this setting?


Since version 10.0 DIAdem supports the feature tab controls. But if you are still working with DIAdem 9.1 or earlier you can use the following work-around: You can build tab controls yourself using normal buttons. 

If you set the property ButtonShape to 1 - Property Tab (Inactive) or 2 - Property Tab (Active), the buttons have the look of tab controls. A frame with BorderStyle = 3 - Raised makes the whole tab set look right.

The attached dialog file TabControl.sud shows an example tab control with four tabs. The VBS code to handle the tab switching can be found in the Declarations section. The tab buttons have SelectTab(x) in their EventClick code.

Additional Information

The controls on the different tabs have to be in different layers. Every time the user selects another tab, the corresponding layer is displayed and all others are hidden.


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