Securing Web Services with SSL

Updated Aug 28, 2023



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I have made a application and deployed it as a Web Service. I would like to use a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate to secure communications with the Web Service. Is there a guide to doing this?

NI Application Builder supports using SSL certificates to secure Web Services. To enable SSL for a Web Service complete the following steps:
  1. Open a web browser and Navigate to <localhost:3580> to open the NI NI Web-based Configuration and Monitoring, as shown below.
  1. Web-based monitoring and configuration uses a permission-based security model. By default, each remote device includes a single user with the following name and password:
User name—Admin
  1.  Click the Configure Web Application Server button on the Web Server page of the Options dialog box shown below.
  1. Create a new Virtual Host with SSL Encryption by following these steps:
  •  Click on Application Web Server
  •  Click on Advanced 
  •  Click the "+" button to create a new Virtual Host 
  •  Select SSL Enabled to enable SSL encryption
  •  Select the SSL certificate you would like to use from Certificate file. 
  1.  Restart your computer
  2. The Application Web Server will now be running a SSL secured service on the port specified in the virtual host. Complete the example program from Creating and Accessing a LabVIEW Web Service.
  3. After completing the tutorial and deploying the calculator, a secured version of the calculator can be accessed with the following URL if the default certificate was chosen:
https://<;Computer Name>:8086/TutorialService/Add?b=2&a=3