Debugging DIAdem User Dialogs (SUD) and DataPlugins

Updated Sep 13, 2021



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How can I debug DIAdem user dialogs (SUD) and DataPlugins?

The integrated debugger in DIAdem SCRIPT does not support SUD and DataPlugins debugging. To debug SUD and DataPlugins, use an external debugger, such as the one in Microsoft Visual Studio. 

Before you begin, you must have Microsoft Visual Studio with the Visual Basic debugging function installed on your computer.

Note: The Use External Debugger option on the toolbar of DIAdem SCRIPT requires DIAdem 2019 or later.
  1. To activate external debugging, click Use External Debugger on the toolbar of DIAdem SCRIPT. DIAdem disables internal debugging.
 For external debugging, a breakpoint is set with the STOP command.
 dim iLoop
for iLoop = 1 to 10000
  if iLoop = 1234 then
    msgbox "Hello"
  end if
  1. To start the debug session, launch the external debugger in Microsoft Visual Studio by clicking Debug >> Start Debugging in the toolbar. 
  2. Attach the debugger to the DIAdem process . 
  3. Run the script in DIAdem. 
    The external debugger loads the script so you can execute the script in single or procedural steps or view the contents of VBS variables. The debugger stays connected to DIAdem and interrupts the execution of the script when there is an error or a stop statement.
  4. You can disconnect the external debugger from DIAdem by stopping or closing the debugger.

This kind of debugging is used to inspect VBS scripts in DIAdem as well as scripts of SUD dialogs and DataPlugins.