Analog Input Range of the NI 5772 FAM

Updated Jan 19, 2018

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  • NI-5772

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What is the analog input range of the NI 5772 Digitizer FAM (FlexRIO Adapter Module)?


The NI 5772 has a maximum usable AI range of 2 Vpk-pk. This cannot be changed to a different value, although if you are using the AC coupled version and enable Time Interleaved Sampling, as described in the 5772 CLIP Help, this results in an AI range of 4 Vpk-pk.

Additional Information

The NI 5772 specifications list the Absolute maximum voltage as ±10 VDC, +21 dBm (7.1 Vpk-pk). This is referring to the maximum value the device can withstand without damage, but is not usable range. The ADC will clip any values below -1 V or above 1 V.


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