Identifying the Callers of a VI or subVI

Updated Nov 21, 2019

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How can I identify the VIs that call a subVI? Several different applications call the subVI, and I have different conditions I want to trigger depending on the VI that calls the subVI.


There are several ways to identify VIs that call a certain subVI: 
  • In LabVIEW 8.5 and higher, if the group of VIs are organized into a project, you can display the list of VIs that call a certain subVI by right-clicking this subVI and selecting Find » Callers from the Project Explorer window. Note: If there's only one caller, it will be highlighted in the Project Explorer Window.
  • In the subVI, place the Call Chain function on the block diagram and wire an indicator to the output of the function. When the subVI runs, the function returns a list of all VIs that call the subVI. Note: To locate the Call Chain function, click the Search button on the Functions palette toolbar.
  • You can also use the Find:Callers property of the ProjectItem class, which returns an array of references to all project items that reference the project item you select.


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