Cooling Information for HDD 8266 Raid Array

Updated May 3, 2018

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  • HDD-8266

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How is the HDD 8266 cooled? Does it use heatsinks, fans, or some other cooling method?


There are four fans inside the HDD-8266 enclosure that blow air onto the hard drive array. There is also one fan attached to the PSU. For the RAID driver card inside the enclosure, there is a heatsink on all versions of this card. For the driver card used in the platter drive versions of the HDD 8266 (the non-solid-state-drive versions) there is also a fan attached to this heatsink. The SSD version does not need a fan on this heatsink, as it doesn't generate as much heat during use.

Acceptable operating ambient temperature for all versions of the HDD-8266 can be found in the specifications.


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