MXI-3/4 Not Detected in the System

Updated Jan 24, 2018

Reported In


  • PXI-8330
  • PXI-8331
  • PXI-8335
  • PXI-8336

Issue Details

MXI-3/4 is not detected in the system.


  1. Remove all PXI devices from the chassis. They can be reinstalled later.
  2. Make sure the chassis are being powered up in the proper sequence. Power the PXI chassis and then the computer. When daisy-chaining MXI controllers, power on the chassis starting with the chassis at the end of the chain and move towards the host controller. 
  3. Make sure the ends of the cables are fully inserted into the connectors on the MXI boards. The link light on the MXI should stay on the continuously while the system is powered up. If the LED flashes at anytime the link has been lost, possibly due to a loose connection. You may also want to ensure there is no damage to the cable, especially the fiber cable. If there is still a problem with the link, then contact National Instruments Technical Support.
  4. If you are using Windows OS, verify that the MXI is being detected by the Operating System. Run the MXI optimization software. A pop-up box will report if the MXI board is not detected. If the MXI is not detected, then locate the troubleshooting steps for the MXI board not being detected.
  5. Verify that the Plug and Play service is enabled in the computer's operating system. On Windows 2000 and XP machines, this option can be found in the Services application which is available under Administrative Tools in the Control Panel. Scroll down in the list of services until you find Plug and Play and make sure that it is Started with a Startup Type of Automatic.
  6. If the MXI is still not being detected it may be that the BIOS is causing the problem. Some BIOS have a selection to specify if the operating system is plug and play. In some cases this can cause a problem. If the BIOS of the computer has a selection for Plug and Play OS, then set this option to NO even if you are using a Plug and Play operating system. If this does not help, then set it back to YES when you are done troubleshooting the system. At that time, ensure that setting it back to YES does not affect the system.


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