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PXI Boards Not Detected or Resource Conflict is Present When Using MXI-3/4

Updated Jan 24, 2018

Reported In


  • PXI-8330
  • PXI-8331
  • PXI-8335
  • PXI-8336

Issue Details

PXI boards are not detected or Resource Conflict is present when using National Instruments MXI-3 and MXI-4 hardware. 


  1. Make sure the chassis are being powered up in the proper sequence. Power the PXI chassis and then the computer. When daisy-chaining MXI controllers, power on the chassis starting with the chassis at the end of the chain and move towards the host controller.
  2. Make sure the ends of the cables are fully inserted into the connectors on the MXI boards. The link light on the MXI should stay on the continuously while the system is powered up. If the LED flashes at anytime the link has been lost, possibly due to a loose connection. 
  3. If PXI Boards are not detected in NI MAX, do a Refresh (F5).
  4. Check the Device Manager. Delete any Unknown Devices with yellow question marks next to them, and Scan for Hardware Changes or Refresh the Device Manager.
  5. If a device can be seen in Device Manager but is not being detected by the driver or is not working, refer to the documentation for that device. It may be helpful to remove working devices during troubleshooting.
  6. If all the hardware exists except for one or two devices, then it may be an issue with those particular devices. At that point it may be easier to troubleshoot those devices by removing the properly working devices and then doing more testing. 
  7. If none of the hardware in the secondary chassis is detected, but the MXI is detected, then contact National Instruments Technical Support.


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