Computer Does Not Boot or Is Receiving Blue Screen with MXI Hardware

Updated Nov 20, 2018

Reported In


  • PXI-8330
  • PXI-8331
  • PXI-8335
  • PXI-8336
  • PCI-8361
  • PXI-8361
  • PXIe-8398
  • PCIe-8398
  • PXI Chassis
  • PXI Controller

Issue Details

The computer does not boot or I receive a blue screen when using National Instruments MXI hardware.


There are a couple different things that might be happening. There are some really good troubleshooting steps to try to solve this:
  1. Make sure all the connections are good.
    1. Remove all PXI devices from the chassis. 
    2. Make sure the MXI boards are securely seated and placed into the proper slots. The MXI card must be in the first slot of the secondary chassis. (If the first chassis has a controller in it, the PXI MXI can be in any other slot)
    3. Make sure the ends of the cables are fully inserted into the connectors on the MXI boards. The link light on the MXI should stay on the continuously while the system is powered up. If the LED flashes at anytime the link has been lost, possibly due to a loose connection. 
    4. Make sure the PCI connection to the computer is solid.
  2. Try booting the computer when the chassis has only the MXI card in the chassis.
  3. Try changing PCI slots in the computer.
  4. If you are using other PCI cards, remove those and try to boot with only the MXI card.
  5. PCI range limitations maybe causing enumeration issues. See Determining the Number and Range of PCI/PCIe Root Bus Devices for more information. 
  6. Ensure that your system is running the latest BIOS version.
  7. Additional steps can be found in the MXI Troubleshooting Guide.

Additional Information

If you are using Windows XP, and using MXI-3 and MXI-4, see MXI-3 and MXI-4 Blue Screen Errors on Windows XP.


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