DIAdem Printer Not Activated Error Code -30 or -41

Updated Jan 30, 2019

Reported In


  • DIAdem

Issue Details

When attempting to use the DIAdem PDF Export printer I receive the one of the following errors:
  • Printer Not Activated, Error Code -30
  • Printer Not Activated, Error Code -41


  • Make sure your version of DIAdem is compatible with your operating system. You can find this out by referencing the readme of your DIAdem software.
  • The DIAdem PDF Export printer is only usable from the Report tab in DIAdem. If you are trying to use this printer from any other software, this message will occur.
  • Once you are have checked the compatibility, take the following steps:
    1. Close all DIAdem Versions
    2. Go to Devices and Printers in Windows Control Panel and delete the "DIAdem PDF Export" printer
    3. Relaunch DIAdem with admin rights
  • If this won't work start DIAdemStart.Exe on the DIAdem program path as Administrator
  • There have been cases in which a change of the printer's port was necessary. If the solution from above did not work, try the following in Windows:
(Solution is given for Windows 10, steps can slightly differ for different versions of Windows):
  1. Log in as Windows administrator
  2. Go to Settings, Printers & scanners 
  3. Click on DIAdem PDF Export, select Manage and click on Printer Properties
  4. In the new window, select Ports and click the Add Port button
  5. Select Local Port and click New port
  6. Enter a port name, e.g. DIAdemPort and click OK
  7. Make sure the new port is checked and click Apply
  8. Restart the computer to make sure all changes take effect

Additional Information

DIAdem is using a a third party tool named Amyuni PDF Converter. Newer versions of DIAdem may use newer versions of Amyuni PDF Converter which may not be compatible with older DIAdem versions. You can check the installed version via Printer Settings.