How Can I Take Measurements With My Module's Built In Thermistor?

Updated Jan 24, 2018

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  • NI-9219

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I am trying to take temperature measurements on my NI-9219 with a Type-C thermocouple. I understand NI MAX does not support Type-C thermocouples, so I'm attempting to measure the voltage from the thermocouple and then convert that voltage using polynomials and a cold junction reference voltage. How can I use my module's built-in thermistor to give me the cold junction reference voltage? 


In LabVIEW, in a 'DAQmx Create Channel' function, under 'Analog Input' and 'More', there should be an option for 'Temperature Built-In Sensor.' This configuration will allow you to read the temperature from your device's built-in thermistor, which you can use as your reference voltage.


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