Using a Fluke 5730A to Replace a Fluke 5700A or 5720A in Calibration Executive

Updated Jan 29, 2018

Reported In


  • Calibration Executive


  • Fluke 5700A
  • Fluke 5720A
  • Fluke 5730A

Issue Details

  • Can I select an older model in the same family (i.e. Fluke 5720A) in CalExec still command the 5730A?
  • The Fluke 5700A and 5720A have been discontinued and the recommended replacement is the 5730A, which NI has an instrument driver for. Are there any limitations for using other standards outside of the ones recommended by the CalExec Help in automated mode?


The Fluke 5730A offers an Emulation mode you can use to have the 5730A identify as a 5720A or 5700A. Though unsupported, this emulation mode allows the Fluke 5730A to work in procedures that the Fluke 5730A is not listed but 5700A or 5720A are listed. 

Additional Information

The Fluke 5700A, 5720A, and 5730A should all be interchangeable when specifically called out in a procedure help-file. Calibration Executive only supports these devices interchangeably when each device is called out individually. If you are using an automated standard which is the not recommended it may throw an error during the procedure if it cannot be configured as the procedure instructs.

For instrument standards that are not installed and recommended by CalExec, it is up to the operators discretion to use manual instruments which meet the measurement requirements. You can check the procedure help to see if manual instruments are supported, although this does not necessarily mean that it would be a feasible option.


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