Error 43 at Open/Create/Replace File Vi When File Dialog Is Cancelled

Updated Jan 8, 2019

Reported In


  • LabVIEW Full

Issue Details

When I use the Open/Create/Replace File VI, I have the option to select a file path or cancel the operation. If I choose Cancel I get the error an error which says Error 43 occurred at Open/Create/Replace File in [VI Name].

How can I avoid this error?


When you click Cancel on the file path prompt associated with the Open/Create/Replace File VI, Error 43 is produced. This is intended to notify the user that there was an invalid file reference. 

If the error popup is unwanted, you can clear the error programmatically as shown below:  

For additional information about programmatically clearing errors, please see How Do I Ignore a Specific Error in LabVIEW?