Error 43 at Open/Create/Replace File VI

Updated Oct 19, 2023

Reported In


  • LabVIEW Full

Issue Details

When I use the Open/Create/Replace File VI, I have the option to select a file path or cancel the operation. If I choose Cancel I get the error an error that says "Error 43 occurred at Open/Create/Replace File in [VI Name]."
This error also occurs when running the Open/Create/Replace File VI or a function that will prompt the user to enter a path on an NI Linux Real-Time target.

How can I avoid this error?


For Windows OS Systems:
  • When you click Cancel on the file path prompt associated with the Open/Create/Replace File VI, Error 43 is produced. This is intended to notify the user that there was an invalid file reference. If the error popup is unwanted, you can clear the error programmatically as shown below.

For additional information about programmatically clearing errors, please see How Do I Ignore a Specific Error in LabVIEW?

For NI Linux Real-Time Targets:
  • The Open/Create/Replace File function interactively using a file dialog box is not supported in NI Linux Real-Time Targets. If you need to use a function that uses this feature such as the Write Delimited Spreadsheet VI you need to provide a path location that exists in the RT target folder structure, you can check this by accessing the file system. Also, verify that the file path is using valid characters and the correct path separators for the operating system, the following article has more information about this topic: Working With File Paths on Real-Time Targets.