Updating Revision F or G PXIe-5840 Modules to Improve RF Blanking

Updated Mar 19, 2018

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  • PXIe-5840

Issue Details

How can I update my Revision F or Revision G PXIe-5840 module to improve RF blanking performance?


  1. Open the attached UpdateCPLD.zip utility and select the PXIe-5840 CPLD resource to be updated:​
  2. Run the executable with the run arrow at the top of the VI.
  • Occasionally, the utility may prompt for user confirmation before updating when run:​​
  • If not, it will notify you that the update was successful:​

Additional Information

​You may encounter some errors if the procedure is not followed exactly:
  • If the existing CPLD does not match the released one or if the unit is already updated, the tool will show the appropriate status or failure message:​
  • The computer must be restarted after a successful update. If the computer is not, the module will return an error when accessing the 5840 until the computer is restarted:
    • The device reported the following error: Error -1074097134. A hardware failure has occurred. The operation could not be completed as specified.



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