Can I Run Multiple VeriStand Projects Simultaneously on One Host PC?

Updated Jan 15, 2018

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I have two independent NI VeriStand projects, each with its own real-time target. Can I run two or more projects while maintaining a connection to both (via the VeriStand API in LabVIEW) using a single Windows Desktop PC?


Currently, only one instance of the VeriStand Gateway can run on a Windows PC host. The Gateway can only communicate to multiple real-time targets if they are in the same VeriStand System Definition.

To add multiple targets to the same System Definition File in VeriStand:

  1. Open the System Definition File in the System Explorer.
  2. Right-click Targets and select Add Target.
  3. In the Add Target window, enter a Target name, the target's IP Address and Opperating System and, if desired, a Description.
You will see the new target in the System Explorer.

Additional Information

  • Each target in a singe project can be configured, connected to (including deployment), disconnected from and undeployed independently. Refer to Managing Individual Targets at Run Time in the VeriStand Help for further details.
  • Another option may be to use a separate virtual machine to handle each VeriStand project. This would be two separate Windows environments but you could use a single physical PC.


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