Yellow Exclamation Mark Next to My Build Specification

Updated Apr 15, 2020

Reported In


  • LabVIEW Application Builder Module
  • LabVIEW Professional
  • LabVIEW Base
  • LabVIEW Full

Issue Details

When I open up a saved project, I see an exclamation inside of a yellow triangle appear under Build Specifications in the project explorer. When I right-click on the build specification and select Explain Warning I receive an error message pictured below that states I don't have a plug-in installed. How do I fix this error and which plug-in is missing?


This error means that you need to install and/or activate the LabVIEW Application Builder Toolkit, which is necessary to build applications, installers etc. and this plug-in is meant in the error message above. 

Additional Information

This message can appear if you have a project with a saved build specification and you open it on a computer that does not have LabVIEW Application Builder activated. You need to purchase and/or activate LabVIEW Application Builder in order to use your build specifications.