Can I Use an RJ-50 to DB-9 Connector for the NI-9237?

Updated Jan 9, 2023

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  • NI-9237
  • cRIO RJ50 Cable
  • SCXI RJ50-to-DB9
  • NI-9949

Issue Details

  • I want to use an RJ-50 to DB-9 connector as a pin out connector block for the NI-9237. Is this recommended?
  • I have a TEDS load cell with a DB-9 connector that I want to attach to my NI-9237 module. Is there a cable available for this?


The NI-9237 Specifications shows that all 10 pins of the RJ-50 connector are used.

RJ-50 to DB-9 cables typically only exposes pins 1 to pins 9, so pin 10, which is responsible for completing the shunt calibration process will not be exposed. If your load cell has a DB-9 connection, you can use the RJ50 to DB-9 cable to connect to the 9237. However, NI recommends using the NI-9949 and an RJ-50 cable for proper pin out connector blocks.