What is the GRAS Model of the NI IEPE Measurement Microphones?

Updated Jan 9, 2023

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  • GRAS 40PP
  • GRAS 40PH
  • GRAS 46AE
  • GRAS 46BE
  • GRAS 46BD
  • Measurement Microphones

Issue Details

I want to purchase an IEPE microphone on the NI website, but the NI Part Numbers differ from the models found in the G.R.A.S. specifications manuals. How do I know what is the G.R.A.S. model for each of the NI IEPE Measurement Microphones so I can compare the specifications to chose the right microphone for my application?


The table below shows the NI Part Number, product description and GRAS model for each one of the NI IEPE Measurement Microphones.
NI IEPE Measurement Microphones
Part NumberDescriptionGRAS Model
782121-06G.R.A.S. General Purpose Array Microphone with BNC Connector: 50mV/Pa40PP
782121-01G.R.A.S. General Purpose Array Microphone: 50 mV/Pa40PH
782121-02G.R.A.S. 1/2" Free-Field Response Microphone: 50mV/Pa46AE
782121-03G.R.A.S. 1/4" Free-Field Response Microphone: 4 mV/Pa46BE
782121-05G.R.A.S. 1/4" Pressure Response Microphone: 1.6mV/Pa46BD