Error -50405: No Transfer Is In Progress

Updated Jul 11, 2018

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  • NI-9213
  • cDAQ-9185
  • cDAQ-9189
  • cDAQ-9181

Issue Details

Why am I getting Error -50405 when using my DAQ device?


Error -50405 is caused by a issue communicating with your DAQ device.

USB DAQ Device

  • Make sure your USB cable does not exceed the length limits defined by the USB specifications.
  • Try using a different, high quality USB cable to communicate with your DAQ device.
  • Try plugging the device into a USB slot directly on the back of the computer rather than on the front, a hub, or a docking station.

Ethernet DAQ Device (918x)

  • increase network timeout¬†
  • Verify that only one Ethernet adapter is active on your computer. To do this, open the command prompt and type in ipconfig. Check how many Ethernet adapters appear in the command prompt display. If multiple adapters are present, disable all but the LAN port. This may be necessary if your computer has a wifi port enabled.
  • Use Windows Event Viewer to monitor events around the time of the network failure to identify a root cause

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