Could Low Temperature Affect DAQ Performance?

Updated Jan 17, 2018

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  • BNC-2110

Issue Details

I need to use my DAQ (BNC-2110) outdoors. I want to know if low temperature (-10 C) could affect DAQ performance or may be harmful to it.


The specified operating conditions for each device are laid out in the device's user manual.

For this device, the operating temperature range is 0 to 70 C. (See link below) This means the device has been tested and should perform as expected within these temperatures. Your device may, or may not, perform well in temperatures outside of this range, but NI is not responsible for any damage or issues caused by operating the device outside of the specified temperature range.

Additional Information

NI recently launched a new line of products, FieldDAQ, that is designed to be operated in more demanding environments. These devices have an operating temperature range of -40 to 85 C, are dust and water resistant, and can withstand more shock and vibration than our traditional DAQ products.

If you need to operate to operate your device outdoors or in extreme environments, we recommend you check out our new line of FieldDAQ products here.


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