Student Install Option for Academic Site Licenses

Updated Oct 16, 2018

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  • Multisim
  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

  • How do I set up my students with the student install option for NI Academic Site Licenses (ASL)?
  • My students want to activate LabVIEW, Multisim, or other NI software on their personal computers. How can they do this?
  • Can I activate my NI software using my college's or university's license?
  • My NI software cannot be activated using my student install option serial number. How do I activate my software?


National Instruments now offers student install options for most teaching Academic Site Licenses (ASL) to give students access to the same software used in the laboratory. Student installs can be included with any “Teaching Only” and “Teaching and Research” ASL contract.
Note: any “Research Only” ASL will not include student installs.

With the Student Install serial number, students will be able to activate NI software through the NI Activation Wizard. The Student Install license will automatically expire after one year. 


If you are the site administrator and do not yet have student install added to your existing ASL contract, please contact either your sales representative or NI Technical Support to request adding the student install option to your ASL. You can contact National Instruments at 1 (800) 531-5066.

End Users

If you are a student and are looking to activate your student install option, contact your IT Help Desk or Service Desk. Ask them for the Student Install serial number (activation code) and use it to activate NI software. Your IT staff may need to contact NI if they can’t find the serial number or if they aren’t sure whether they have an ASL. Our support team cannot give these activation codes directly to students.

Additional Information

Academic Site Licenses (ASL) meant for small groups or laboratories, such as the 10-users Academic LabVIEW Full Development System (FDS) Teaching option, will not include a Student Install option,


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