Finding the Latest Calibration Executive Procedure Number for an NI Device

Updated Oct 28, 2020



  • Calibration Executive

  • I have to verify that the procedure I am using is the latest and greatest. When I get a new device in my lab, I need to make sure its procedure is the latest version for that card. This lets me know when I need to upgrade Calibration Executive.
  • I want to check to make the versions of the calibration procedures I use in CalExec are the latest versions available.

The easiest way to ensure your calibration procedures are the latest versions is to keep Calibration Executive up to date. If this is not an option then the process below will help: 
  1. First determine the version number of the procedure in your currently installed version of Calibration Executive using the following steps:
    1. Open Calibration Executive
    2. Select the device from Device Types
    3. Click Help » About Procedure
    4. The procedure version number is listed in the Version Number box
  2. Determine whether there is a newer version of Calibration Executive available by searching for Calibration Executive at
  3. Check the readme of the latest version of CalExec to see if there have been any updates to the procedure as compared to the current version of the procedure.
    1. If there has been a change in the procedure it will be listed as a Behavior Change.
    2. The latest version number of the procedure will match the Calibration Executive version number in which the change was made. For example, the PXIe-4138 procedure was updated in Calibration Executive 4.0.1. and 4.1, but not in Calibration Executive 4.2. The latest PXIe-4138 procedure matches the latest Calibration Executive version it the procedure was updated in, therefore the latest procedure version number for the PXIe-4138 is 4.1.0.