I Recently got Some New PXI/PXIe Cards and They Don't Show up in MAX

Updated Jan 8, 2019

Reported In


  • PXIe-5423
  • PXI-5105
  • PXIe-5105
  • HDD-8261

Issue Details

I just got a new Waveform Generator/ Oscilloscope/ Data Storage Module/ or some other Modular Instrument, and I don't see it showing up in MAX.


If you have never used a Modular Instrument before then you likely will need to download the device driver. Our MI product families often have unique drivers. For examples our Oscilloscopes us our driver NI-SCOPE and our Waveform Generators us NI-FGEN. 

To determine which driver you need to download for the device, navigate to the product page on NI.com. At the bottom you should see a Drivers link that will take you to a download page for the appropriate device driver.


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