Using DAQmx in Visual Studio .NET With or Without Measurement Studio

Updated Jun 28, 2019

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  • Measurement Studio


  • NI-DAQmx

Operating System

  • Windows

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  • C# .NET
  • Visual Basic .NET


Microsoft Visual Studio

Issue Details

  • Do I need Measurement Studio to be able to use NI-DAQmx with the .NET languages, such as Microsoft Visual C# and Visual Basic .NET?
  • Do I need Measurement Studio license and a Microsoft Visual Studio license to use NI-DAQmx in Visual Basic or C#?
  • Do I need Measurement Studio to communicate with an I/O card in Visual Studio?
  • How do I install DAQmx to work within Visual Studio if I do not need Measurement Studio?


It is not necessary to have Measurement Studio in order to communicate with DAQ cards in Visual Studio. However you must download the NI-DAQmx driver, and install it with the .NET Languages.

To install the .NET Support, follow the instructions below:

  1. The NI native .NET API for NI-DAQmx (documentation linked below) is available with the Device Driver CD and the NI-DAQmx driver installer. If the API does not install by default you will need to enable it from the feature tree during installation. You can get to the feature tree by selecting Custom at the Select Installation Option window shown below:

  2. When you get to the Features window, expand the list next to Application Development Support. Then click the box next to the .NET Framework Language Support that corresponds to the version you plan to use and select Install this feature to a local drive, as shown below:

  3. After selecting Install this feature to a local drive, you can expand the tree next to the .NET Framework Support you selected and your feature tree should look like the following Features dialog. The only feature not installed is the Measurement Studio Integration; you will be installing the help documentation and example programs.

  4. Do not select Install this feature and its subfeatures to a local drive as it will include certain features that require Measurement Studio and you will get an error, as shown in the following error dialog.


Additional Information

With NI-DAQmx you can use Measurement Studio for Visual Studio which provides additional tools for use with NI-DAQmx, though Measurement Studio is not required to use NI-DAQmx in a text-based environment. For more information on which versions of Visual Studio are compatible with the different DAQmx .NET Frameworks, please see the DAQmx readme: Finding NI Readmes for Supported OS, ADE, Device, Modules and More.

See the NI-DAQmx .NET Class Library Help (linked below) for detailed information on how to use the NI native .NET API for NI-DAQmx which is installed with DAQmx .NET Framework Languages Support. Using incompatible DAQmx versions may cause system exceptions in some cases. This Help is integrated with the Help for Visual Studio; however, there is also a link to it created in the Start Menu under NI-DAQ»Text-Based Code Support.

Note: In order to install language support for Visual Studio 2008 C++ MFC you must have Measurement Studio for Visual Studio 2008.


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