How to Test NI 9758 PFI Driver Module?

Updated Jan 8, 2019

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  • NI-9758
  • CompactRIO Controller


  • NI Software Calibration Management Toolkit for LabVIEW

Issue Details

I have purchased a NI 9758 PFI Driver module and want ensure if the received module is in good condition or damaged.


Following steps will help you to ensure whether the received NI 9758 module is in good condition or not:

1. Download and Install the right version of NI SCM Toolkit. (Note: When you buy a new NI SCM License, You will receive a DVD media which contains NI SCM software installer and NI 9758 module is available in different revisions so ensure your module revision is supported by the selected SCM tool kit version).

2. Go to Start > Programs > National Instruments > NI License Manager and Activate NI SCM Toolkit.

3. Go to Start > Programs > National Instruments > NI MAX , Check if your CompactRIO (cRIO) is recognized under Remote Systems. If not, Refer to Troubleshoot When CompactRIO Does Not Appear in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)

4. Open the NI SCM console from the Windows Start menu under National Instruments > Software
Calibration Management.

5. Within the SCM console, right-click inside the Target Items list pane and select Select Target

6. A dialog will open titled Search for SCM Target… The factory default Username is admin and the default Password is left blank.

7. After the Download process is complete, the SCM console will be populated with information as shown below. If
the Host VI list (lower center) is not populated as shown below, it may be that the FTP download process did not fully complete. If this is the case, please attempt the Search for SCM Target... step again. If the FTP download process fully completes, the green run button (2nd from left) will be enabled.

8. Select "PFI & LS Driver Setup" from the NI DIDS Window.

9. PFI Module Control Tab: Turn ON PFI_ ModuleEnable and ensure PFI_ModulePresent Indicator is Green as shown below. The module will only be recognized when PFI_ModuleEnable is ON, a PFI Driver module is inserted in the assigned slot, and the module is properly externally powered.


10. Generate One Shot Pulse on PFI Channel(s): 
To drive a device requiring an high digital signal, wire a pull-up resistor (1500 Ohms) between terminal 0 (Vsup) and the corresponding PFI channel of the PFI module.

The PFI Driver module can deliver a one-shot pulse to the PFI channel selected in PFI_OneShotSelect, having a duration specified by PFI_OneShotTime. PFI OneShotSelect selects the PFI Driver channel to which a one-shot pulse is delivered.

11. Measure Voltage: You should use an Oscilloscope for measuring voltage. Connect your Oscilloscope terminals parallel to the pull-up resistor (1500 Ohms) and ensure if the pulse is generated by the selected PFI Channel or not.

Conclusion: If the Module Present LED is Green and Generates a pulse for the specified duration, It means your NI 9758 module is working fine. If not, please contact your local National Instruments Technical Support Team for further assistance.


Additional Information

The Software Calibration Management (NI SCM) Toolkit is used to interact with the Direct Injector Driver System. For detailed information about NI SCM, please refer to the NI SCM user's manual.