Access Violation in SignalExpress

Updated Jan 17, 2018

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  • SignalExpress

Issue Details

I have a large amount of data to export from SignalExpress into Microsoft Excel, however when I try to do so I receive an "Access Violation" error that prohibits exporting the data.


This error occurs when you don't have the proper computing resources to process such large amounts of data. To resolve this issue, you can create subsets of your logged data so that it is exported in smaller chunks that the system/SignalExpress can handle. 

To do this, you must locate your data under the Logs section in the bottom-left corner of your SignalExpress project. Right-click on the data and select Create Log Subset and then choose a smaller range of data to export to excel. Presuming you have chosen a small enough sample, the data should now export successfully to a series of excel files that can then be re-assembled either manually or programmatically. 


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