Error -70229 When Using NI SoftMotion

Updated Jan 8, 2019

Reported In


  • Kollmorgen Drive and Motor Cable


  • LabVIEW SoftMotion Module

Issue Details

I am using NI SoftMotion on a LabVIEW Real Time target. When I use the Interactive Test Panel from the LabVIEW Project or command a move in a VI, I receive Error -70229: A function call made to the motion controller timed out waiting for a response to an executed command. Verify that NI SoftMotion is installed to the target and that the Ethernet cable is correctly connected. SoftMotion is installed on my PC and my Real Time target; what can resolve this error?


This error is generated any time SoftMotion does not respond to a function call and can be generated even when SoftMotion is correctly installed on the target.

There are several potential solutions to try.

  1. If SoftMotion is installed on the target, the most common cause of the error is a failure of the Scan Engine to successfully transition to Active Mode. Because SoftMotion depends on the Scan Engine, the Scan Engine needs to be in Active Mode for any SoftMotion calls to execute.

    To check the status of the Scan Engine, use the Distributed System Manager utility included with the NI-RIO driver. Once the IP address or host name of your target is selected, the right pane will show the status of the Scan Engine and any faults that may be preventing it from transitioning to Active Mode. If there are no faults and the Scan Engine is in Configuration Mode, use the utility to manually change it to Active Mode.

  2. Another possible solution is to reformat the cRIO and reinstall the software on the cRIO. After reformatting the cRIO, select the recommended software set with the NI-RIO and LabVIEW Real Time version installed on your PC, as well as the driver software appropriate for your drive and the LabVIEW SoftMotion Module onto the controller.

Additional Information

Another possible scenario is that you are using a third-party EtherCAT drive that uses an SDI driver. Every NI SoftMotion SDI Driver will have a unique Open VI that creates an instance of the plug-in class. Therefore, make sure you run this when the target is in Configuration Mode before transitioning to Active Mode.

These are not the only causes of Error -70229. If the Scan Engine is successfully transitioned to Active Mode and Error -70229 is still present when commanding a move, the hardware may be in an error state and needs to be power cycled or reinitialized. After restarting the target and setting the Scan Engine to Active Mode, SoftMotion should execute moves without error. See How Do I Initialize the SoftMotion Engine to Correct Scan Engine Errors? for example code for programmatically reinitializing the target.


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