Loading Electronic Data Sheet (EDS) File to NI PCI 8532

Updated Mar 8, 2018

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  • PCI-8532

Issue Details

I have a schema file (or Electronic Data Sheet) and I want to use it with my NI PCI 8532. I don't want to code my memory map myself. Can I do this, and if so how? How can I use DeviceNet communication with this device?


We strongly recommend to use the VI APIs to configure and control the DeviceNet communication. You would refer to the Basic Examples and Advanced Examples under DeviceNet. 

Additional Information

We have classified the following method as legacy:

You can indeed load the EDS file to the DeviceNet project in LabVIEW. To set this up, refer to the DeviceNet PCI Legacy.lvproj example located in our LabVIEW Example Finder. 
  1. To get to this, open LabVIEW and go to Help -> Find Examples. 
  2. The specific example is located in the Browse Tab under Hardware Input and Output -> NI-Industrial Communications -> DeviceNet -> Legacy Examples -> Windows -> DeviceNet PCI Legacy.lvproj 
  3. Open this project 

Once we have the project open, follow the next steps to load the EDS file: 
  1. Right click the 'DeviceNet Master (0, DeviceNet1)' in the project explorer. 
  2. Navigate to New -> Targets and Devices... 
  3. Check the 'New target or device'. 
  4. Choose the 'DeviceNet Slave Device' and click OK. 
  5. Set the address of the device and load the EDS file. 


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