Red Exclamation Point for Disconnected License in NI License Manager

Updated May 12, 2023

Reported In


  • NI License Manager

Issue Details

Every time I open my software on a computer with a disconnected license, I get prompted to activate my software. I have already pointed NI License Manager (NILM) towards my disconnected license for said software.  When I check my activation status in NI License Manger, I have red exclamation marks, points, or bangs next to all of my software.

Also, the Status field for the disconnected license in the NI License Manager reads Activated for a different computer.


It is likely that the computer ID reported to the server in the options file (nilm.opt) and the actual computer ID do not match.  This can happen when multiple Network cards (NICs) are being used on a machine.
  1. Verify the Computer ID on the client machine. To display your computer ID, from NI License Manager (Start»Programs»National Instruments»NI License Manager), select Options»Display Computer ID.  You could also open NI License Manager and click Display Computer Information.

  2. On the server, open NI Volume License Server and stop the server from running.

  3. Reconnect the disconnected license so you may edit it's computer ID. Click the Computers or Users tab on the left hand pane depending on which type of disconnected license is being utilized.

  4. Click Edit Computer/Edit User and compare the computer id/username shown here (the server) to the previous computer ID/username which was taken from the client machine. Make sure that the client ID/username is correctly copied to the server. 

  5. Click Save within the Edit Computer or Edit User window and then click Apply Changes in the upper left hand corner of NI Volume License Manager on the server.

  6. Disconnect the license again using the Disconnect option on the left. 

  7. Follow the wizard to deliver the new disconnected license file to the client machine and point the License Manager on the client towards the new disconnected license file.  This can be done by navigating within NI License Manager to Options » Install License File...  You could also drag and drop the new disconnected license file into NI License Manager.  Now check the NI License Manager on the client machine, and the red exclamation marks should be removed.