Using the RAD Utility to Re-image InsightCM™ CMS-90xx Devices to Factory State

Updated Feb 20, 2019

Reported In


  • cRIO-9068
  • cRIO-9024
  • cRIO-9036


  • NI InsightCM

Issue Details

I am unable to locate my CMS-9024, CMS-9036, or CMS-9068 or other CMS device in the InsightCM Devices tab of the InsightCM System Manager webpage. I believe that the device application was not properly installed, or is corrupted and would like to re-image the device with a known good image. How can I use the Replication and Deployment (RAD) Utility to reimage my CMS-90xx device and then find it in the System Manager?


You can use the RAD utility to update the application image running on your CMS-90xx device. The RAD utility provides a turn-key solution for NI Real-Time (RT) device image deployment, replication and management. It is built using functionality provided by the NI System Configuration API.

To push a new application image to your CMS-90xx device, complete the following steps:
  1. Note that the InsightCM Server allows you to push an image to a CMS device via the Devices >> Software tab. Use this method first before attempting the use of RAD utility. You may refer to the following document for reference.

  2. Install the RAD utility to a machine on the same network and subnet as the CMS device. This can be the InsightCM Server or a separate machine. If you are unable to communicate with the CMS device over the network, you can install RAD on a laptop and connect the CMS device directly to the laptop Ethernet port. 
  • If using a laptop, configure the network adapter of the laptop to have a static IP address and subnet mask similar to that of the CMS device.
  • Use the Package Management tab on the InsightCM Server to find and download the image that corresponds to the model of CMS device that you have. For factory state image, please download the Bootstrap image. Alternatively, you can find them at the following directory on the InsightCM Server:
    C:\Program Files\National Instruments\InsightCM Server\Device Images\

  • To re-image your device, open RAD utility and select your CMS device on the Deployment Targets list. If the device is not listed, you can manually add using the Add Target button.

  • Navigate to the folder that contains the CMS Application Image using the Settings button. This will display valid images in the Application Image list.
  • Select the CMS device and the application image, and press the Deploy Image button. In the dialog box that displays, you can configure these parameters for a standard CMS image.  You do not need to configure these parameters for a standard CMS image. Click Deploy.

  • The image will be deployed to the CMS device, and the device will be restarted. Once the device restarts, you can confirm that the image is successfully deployed by observing the USER1 LED blinking at intervals of 1 second.  See note in additional information section if using a CMS-903x device.

  • Once the CMS application image is deployed, you can add and configure the CMS device. You will need to add the device or reset the IP address if the network configuration has changed. You can use the Test Connection dialog to confirm that the CMS device is running the application image by going to Devices >> Action >> Connection.  If the application image is successfully deployed, the CMS device will pass Step 2 Application of the Test Connection dialog.

Additional Information

If you are using a CMS-903x device, the device will be restarted into the Force Safe Mode state, and will not start running the application image automatically. To get the CMS-903x out of Force Safe Mode, you can use the Web Interface Framework (WIF) by typing the IP address of the device into an Internet Explorer browser, and unselecting the Force Safe Mode check box in the Startup Settings.