Error 116 When Running VeriStand Project

Updated Jan 19, 2023

Reported In


  • PXI-8840


  • VeriStand 2016
  • VeriStand 2017 Full

Issue Details

When I run my VeriStand project, the deployment of the system definition file fails with Error 116. The deploy status log shows the error below:

Error 116

Possible reason(s):
LabVIEW:  Unflatten or byte stream read operation failed due to corrupt, unexpected, or truncated data.

What does this error mean and how can I resolve it?


Make sure that you have the exact same versions of VeriStand on both the development computer and the target you are deploying to. For more information as to why this occurs, see the Additional Information below. 

Additional Information

The Unflatten from stores the variant datatypes as a flattened string by taking LabVIEW's internal binary representation of the datatype and converting it to ASCII compatible characters.