Error 116 When Deploying VeriStand System Definition File

Updated Oct 12, 2021

Issue Details

  • I just updated my Veristand version in the development computer and now I can't deploy to the target.
  • When I try run my VeriStand project, my System Definition File cannot be deployed. I get an error in the deploy status log that looks like the following:
Error 116 occurred at Project Window.lvlib:Project >> Project Window.lvlib:Command >> NI_VS Workspace ExecutionAPI.lvlib:NI VeriStand - Connect to

Possible reason(s):

LabVIEW:  Unflatten or byte stream read operation failed due to corrupt, unexpected, or truncated data.

What does this mean and how can I resolve it?


You must make sure that the version of VeriStand in which you are developing is exactly the same version of the VeriStand support on the target.
If the VeriStand version is different in the host computer than the version in the RT target, you can follow this article: Installing Different Versions of Software on My Real-Time Target upgrading NI VeriStand RT Engine.

Additional Information

The Unflatten from stores variant datatypes as a flattened string. The way in which LabVIEW does this can change between versions. This is why is important to have exactly the same version in the development computer and in the RT target.