Programmatically Moving the Front Panel to a Desired Position in LabVIEW

Updated May 3, 2018

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How can I programmatically move my front panel to a desired position on my screen?


First, determine the positional coordinates of where you want the front panel to be every time you run the program. This can be done using a property node of class VI. Right-click on the yellow portion of the property node and then choose Select Class»VI Server»VI»VI.

Then, choose the property Front Panel Window»Window Bounds by left clicking on Property, wire an indicator to that output. 

After adding this to your program you will size and place the front panel window where you want it, and then run your program. The output from the window bounds property will give you the coordinates of the front panel. Take note of the numbers in the indicators labeled left, top, right, and bottom.

Now, delete the window bounds indicator. Change the window bounds property to write and wire a constant to it. Put the values you determined from the previous run into this constant (left, top, right, and bottom) and the front panel will retain that position.

Additional Information

If you want to simply center the front panel, you can use an invoke node of class VI.  Select Front Panel»Center.  


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