Reading Multiple Channels With DAQExpress

Updated Apr 28, 2023



  • NI-9213


  • DAQExpress 4.1
  • DAQExpress 1.0
  • DAQExpress

I can see me device in DAQExpress and cannot select multiple channels under the "Channel" tab, only one channel is selectable. Additionally, DAQExpress does not allow me to create multiple tasks and run them at the same time. How can I read data from multiple channels?

You can acquire data from multiple channels using DAQExpress:
  1. Open DAQExpress
  2. Open a new project 
  3. Configure task and first channel on the right 
  4. To add a second channel to the task click on the red marked button from the picture below 
  5. When you select the channel from the list you can configure it on the right
  6. Restart the task and the device will be collecting data from the channels you've configured