A Component in Multisim Is Not Simulated

Updated Jan 25, 2018

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  • Multisim Base

Issue Details

I am trying to simulate a component in Multisim, but whenever I run it, the component does not seem to behave as expected. It seems as if my component is not even there because it behaves as a high impedance. Why is this?


Some components in Multisim are layout-only, meaning that there is no SPICE model being used to simulate the component. Multisim simulates a layout-only component as an infinite impedance, so as to not affect any simulated circuit.

Layout-only components appear in green on the schematic diagram.

If you need to include a layout-only component in a simulation, you will need to find a SPICE model for that component. These can usually be found on the Manufacturer's website. You can then import this SPICE model into Multisim.