Requesting Permission for Older Software Versions Within VLM

Updated Jan 10, 2018

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  • Volume License Manager

Issue Details

My Volume License was recently upgraded to active newer software. The Volume License Installer (VLI) provided by the NI Volume License Manager (VLM) administrator is only for the newer version of the software, however, I still need to install and activate the older versions of my software.

How do I request permission to NI VLM for my older version of LabVIEW? Is there backwards compatibility?


The license that the server provides is backwards compatible, thus the fastest solution is to install both newer and older version of the software on the same PC. This license will activate the version of the software that came with VLI and any older version that you have installed on your system. 

Alternatively, you can use the license request utility that is packaged with the volume license installer to send a request to the administrator for a license for the software package. The utility is located at <network drive>\VLM installers\<software package>\mslsetup.exe for NI VLM 2.0 or <network drive>\VLM installers\<software package>\Client\vlmclient.exe for NI VLM 2.1 or later.

If for some reason you cannot have both versions installed on the same PC, but you prefer to have only the older, you can ask permission to NI VLM using the following approach:
  1. Go to your volume license installer location: <network drive>\VLM installers\LabVIEW 201X
  2. Locate mslsetup.exe (NI VLM 2.0) or <volume license installer>\Client\vlmclient.exe (NI VLM 2.1)
  3. Double click on the executable file
Note: The function of the suggested files is to send a request directly to NI VLM to register the installed software. This way you ask permissions for the latest software version without effectively installing. 
Likely, after sending the permission request, you will need to contact your NI VLM Administrator and encourage them to accept the request within NI VLM.

Additional Information

NI strongly recommends you contact your NI VLM Administrator for assistance in obtaining historical versions of the software.  Administrators can contact NI at for assistance in obtaining historical those copies.