Error -200452 DAQmx Property Not Supported or Applicable

Updated Oct 18, 2022

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  • NI-DAQmx

Issue Details

I am trying to configure properties using different DAQmx property nodes such as AO.IdleOutputBehavior, Start.Retriggerable or CI.DutyCycle.DigFltr.Enable and I am getting the following error:

Error -200452: Specified property is not supported by the device or is not applicable to the task.
Error -200452.JPG

How can I set up my trigger behavior or set other properties like the Idle Output Behavior?


The different properties of DAQmx property nodes are device-specific. Not all properties are supported by all DAQ devices. For example, the AO.IdleOutputBehavior property is not supported by either NI 6251 or NI 6040E, therefore Error -200452 will be returned whenever this property is called for these devices.

In order to look at only those properties that are supported with your particular DAQ card, you will have to configure the filter settings of the property node. You can do so by right-clicking on the DAQmx Channel Property and selecting Select Filter... to open the Configure Filter Settings window to filter out properties that are not supported by your device from the list.

Additional Information

If the device does support the property node in question:

You should consider how your task/channel has been configured in terms of timing and triggering, as the Error -200452 may also be caused by an incompatibility between the task/channel configuration and the property node you have chosen.

If you don't already have the device installed on your computer, one simple way to determine if a certain property is supported by a device is to simulate the device in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX). To do this, right-click the Device and Interfaces folder in MAX and select Create New. In the Create New window, select NI-DAQmx Simulated Device, and then set the Property Node's filter setting to Show Attributes For Selected Devices. If the board supports the property you are looking for, then it will show up as one of the options for any given property node that references the board.

This error has also shown up in applications where the DAQ devices in question did not support the type of synchronization being used.  If you've recently added or replaced a DAQ card to your systems, check that it supports the synchronization being used.

Another source of the error can be found in the configuration of the property node. The Error -200452 can be caused by a mismatch between the virtual channel name (corresponding to the task) and the property supported under the task. An explicit denomination of the active channel can solve this issue by adding the property ActiveChans as shown below:
KCS DAQmx Channel.JPG