How to Connect a SCXI Chassis to a PCI card?

Updated Jan 22, 2018

Reported In


  • SCXI-1000
  • PCI-6251
  • SCXI-1349
  • SHC68-68
  • SCXI-1001

Issue Details

I have a SCXI 1000/1001 chassis that I am trying to connect to my NI PCI-6251. How do I do this? 


  • You will need a SHC68-68 cable along with a SCXI-1349 adapter. 
In order to connect the SCXI-1349 adapter to the chassis, you will need one of the cards mentioned on page 8, step 7 of the SCXI Quick Start Guide in slot one of the chassis. Once a card is inserted, then you can  connect the SCXI-1349 to the back of it as seen on page 5 of the SCXI-1349 user manual. Then you can connect the SHC68-68 cable from the PCI card to the SCXI-1349. 

Additional Information

For example: 

1. Plug the SCXI 1102 module into the first slot of the chassis 
2. Looking at the back-outside of the chassis, now there should be a 50-pin male connector that is visible. This is from the SCXI 1102 module. This is what we will connect the SCXI-1349 to. 
3. After that the SHC68-68 cable should be able to go from the 6251 to the SCXI 1349. 


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