Programmatically Load a XNET Database on Real-Time Target

Updated May 3, 2018

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  • LabVIEW Real-Time Module

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I have a compactRIO or other real-time target and want to access a XNET database file in my LabVIEW Real-Time environment on said target. Can I simply store the .dbc file on my real-time target and then import it into my code as done in standard LabVIEW?


No, it is currently not possible to programmatically load a XNET database in LabVIEW Real-Time. In order to access your XNET database, you will need to deploy your XNET database onto your real-time target via one of two methods outlined in: How to Deploy XNET Database onto RT Targets

Additional Information

As a possible alternative to deploying a XNET database to a real-time target, one may consider creating new database objects in memory on your real-time target. For more information, see the Getting Started with the NI-XNET API for LabVIEW documentation. 


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