Error: -1074118131 in Calibration Executive

Updated May 11, 2023

Reported In


  • PXI-4072


  • Calibration Executive

Issue Details

While running adjustment procedures in Calibration Executive on a PXI-4072, error -1074118131 occurs during the "Adjust LC" portion and the calibration terminates. What can I do to resolve this? Full text of the error is shown below.

Error -1074118131 occurred at niDMM Cal Adjust At step Adjust LC The 
generated LC coefficients are invalid. Please verify your connections and/or 
adjustment order.



This error is typically caused by either improper connections as noted in the error message, by bad (or incorrect value) verification capacitors, or by a failed DUT (the DMM being calibrated). Recheck all connections, verify the proper capacitors are in use, and retry. If you continue to experience the error with a single PXI-4072, return it to NI for service. If you experience the error with several multimeters, please contact NI Support.