Mass Import Client Information into Volume License Manager

Updated Sep 25, 2020

Reported In


  • Volume License Manager
  • NI License Manager

Issue Details

  • I have a number of users or computers I need to add to my NI VLM server to grant permissions. Can I do this automatically?
  • It is not efficient to manually add my client information one by one, and they have different software requirements so creating multiple Volume License Installers (VLIs) is also too difficult. Is there an easier way to enter this information into VLM?


You can collect client data with the NI VLM Import Utility. This creates a .xml file with client data that can then be imported to VLM by selecting File»Load NI VLM Import Utility Data using the NI Volume License Manager Import Utility .
Depending on server settings, the software administrator may have to accept these requests manually in VLM, or they may be accepted automatically. 

Additional Information

You can programmatically create an XML file for use with the NI Volume License Manager Import Utility. As long as the XML file follows the correct syntax it will also be accepted by VLM. There are 2 examples of this attached. 
  1. If the VLM software admin has a CSV file of client information they may use the executable "" attached below to mass-generate XML permission requests. Then the software client can copy them into the correct directory (C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\Volume License Manager\Import Utility\) on the VLM server.  See the documentation in the zip-file for more information. Source code is included.
  2. If the VLM software admin has a text file of client information they may use the executables "Create XML for Computer Based Licenses" or "Create XML for User Based Licenses" included in "Text to" . Instructions are on the executable, and source code is included.